Hiren Sagar

Hiren Sagar has professional work experience of 16 years in one of the leading Multinational Company. He worked in the field of network management, product development, end consumer solutions in sales and marketing division. He is actively involved in stock market since 2004. He studied the market with various aspect of technical analysis especially in the event of 2008. He has a good command over basics of Technical Analysis, price action, mass behavior in the market, Gann analysis, harmonic patterns, Elliott Wave analysis etc. 

While understanding and trading in stock markets, he has mastered Elliott Wave analysis. Having a strong command over different patterns of waves, types of correction, trend projection and estimated reversal act for long term trading as well as short term trading. He worked on strong Risk Reward Ratio with  good success rate.

After generating satisfactory alternative source of income from the stock market consistently, he left the job. He is a full time trader and a trainer to provide the knowledge that he gathered over the years to the aspiring traders who wants to get hold over the advance knowledge of Technical analysis.

Nilesh Sarda

Nilesh Sarda is a highly regarded trader & mentor with over 16 years experience trading financial markets. Today he is recognized by many as ‘The Authority’ on Gann Study. After starting the firm Moneymint in 2007, his mentorship has grown to over 5000 traders, making him one of the most widely followed trading coaches in India.

Nilesh’s success as a trader & mentor can be attributed to his unique Keep It Simple trading philosophy. He makes sure he is personally available to attend to his students on a daily basis. He is an extremely passionate person when it comes to trading and life, and this passion carries through in his desire to share knowledge with others. Being a successful entrepreneur at such a young age has enabled him to learn from some of the best traders across the globe, further influencing his unique perspective on what it takes become successful in the markets and in life. Knowing the basics of stock markets is great, and every trader needs to know them, but if you are serious about making consistent money in the markets, you need to learn real-world trading strategies that will provide you with a high-probability trading edge which is taught by Mr. Nilesh Sarda.

His students made him realize how well he mentors them. They always look forward to his teaching. They are always very happy with the way he conducts his coaching program for Stock market. This made Nilesh Sir realized how he can understand not only the need of student but even customize his teaching as per his student’s need. He is a kind of trainer who is always available for his students to solve their queries to help them when they are stuck at some point. He always answer his student’s queries.


He always share his live experience which help his trainees and mentees. He keeps it practical, sharing real life experiences which makes learning more fun and implementable. He speaks lay man’s language.


He is very passionate about working with people, make them grow in their career and their life. He always wants to see his trainees grow in career.